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Florida Water


Image of Florida Water

General Uses of Florida Water

-It is used for relaxation as it brings mental serenity and spiritual tranquility.
-It is used to consecrate, bless and cancel negative vibrations in the home and business.
-For tired feet with a burning sensation, place warm water and add Florida Water, you will obtain a calming and restorative effect.
-The scent of Florida water when inhaled can relief cold and reduce headaches and congestion.
-Add Florida water to your bath and after shower, in addition to relaxing your muscles it gives a magnificent glow to your skin.

**Magical Uses of Florida Water**

It is a powerful spiritual cleanser and an effective protective agent. Pour a few drops on your head, heart and feet to have protection against negative entities.
Use Florida water as cologne to attract success.
Spray few drops to purify your altar and work place. You can also use it to clean your ritual tools, enhance spells, make amulets and consecrate your altars.
It can be used for divination just add a few drops on photos or in a bowl with water to attract the spirits that you want to summon.
Florida Water is used in love spells to attract the love ones. For attraction spells, add few drops of the Florida water into a bowl and place it beside your bed along with a red attraction candle. Meditate on your desires and also believe that your lover will find you.